Success Story #48

This is a story of buy the worst home on the street and relocate that home and build a new one.  While Team Swift doesn’t build houses, we still work with builders to get a great result when it comes to selling the home.

The goal was to sell the home quickly.

This builder understands the importance of clean and tidy. So this home got a 4 stage clean. It is the only way to keep your trades happy and keep them clean and tidy on the work site.  Which keeps the bank happy, and lets them payout progress payments without delays, which makes the builder happy and keeps them on schedule. This means the homeowner gets their home when it was promised to them without delays.

So the natural process of movement with a home built on schedule meant that the home sold in record time, with a great profit made for the homeowner.  

So cleaning is more important than you think!

Having a clean and tidy building site, means you can find defects quickly and fix them before the inspector arrives. It also helps keep a project on schedule and keeps the other trades accountable for their own mess.  Always allow cleaning in your budget, to keep things on track.

What is involved in a 4 stage clean:

  1. Wet area clean (bathrooms and kitchen)  Tiles are in, but mirrors and glass isn’t. Great to get done before silicone work too.
  2. Initial builders clean to remove 90% of the builders dust created throughout the build.
  3. Final builders clean to remove the 10% of the builders dust created after reworks are completed.
  4. Sparkle up clean, to give the home a quick polish before you give the keys to the homeowner.

If you are a builder that takes pride in your work, then show it off.  Standout from the standard. Aim for the high end market and capture it with your reputation of finishing your builds on time, every time.

Remember a homeowner has to live in the home and if they are still finding dust 12 months later, then it is the builder that gets the bad reputation not the cleaner.   Use a cleaning company that knows where the dust hides and what activities reveal the dust 6-12 months later.

Having the right cleaning company come in at the right stages of the build makes a big difference and you will be surprised how many more referrals you will get even after 12 months.