Success Story #47

This couple contacted Team Swift in 2016, and Rachel did a walk through of what needed to be done in each room. Mr & Mrs Smith were still very active, capable people and just needed some direction. There was no need to renovate this home it just needed to look less like their home, and more like a showroom for the open home.

They did outsource the internal clean, cause let’s face it who really wants to clean the oven and the bathrooms? They did need more than what their regular maid service could offer. That is where Team Swift’s detailers make an impact.

They also styled the home with their own furniture and accessories. Team Swift just helped pack up all the photo’s, trophies and awards.  All the cookbooks got packed up too. So there is a lot you can DIY if you need to, and still get a great result.

There were a few things that were unavoidable like repair broken bathroom fixtures, and rehanging doors that fallen off in the garage. That is where a handyman is useful when you don’t have the know how.

Mr & Mrs Smith had already purchased an apartment so they didn’t need to use any part of their home a storage.  Most of their personal effects got boxed up and shipped to the new home and out of the way of the open home so that we gave the best impression on open home day.

To sell their family home that they had lived in for 30+ years is an emotional sale, but to get their traveling years in, they wanted a quick sale so they could start the next chapter of their lives.  So one open home was the goal.