Success Story #299

Luxury homes are sometimes hard to find in Brisbane, but they are starting to pop up for sale. So when one does, you can’t help but go take a look.

This family was moving overseas and understood that if you want to sell your home quickly for the right price you needed to get an expert to come prepare you home.  They knew that investing in staging comes hand in hand with making sure the home is clean and tidy.

The Robertsons, knew they needed to move out of the home in order to let go. Lucky they already found their next house to call home.  So they contacted the right sales agent who put them in contact with the right team of home prepares to get the job done swiftly.

This home got minor touch ups to the walls where needed, kitchen got serviced. They got Team Swift detailers in to clean the place, and a senior stylist to stage the home.   The turnaround was 14 days and the home was open for viewings that Saturday. So it didn’t take long and the home was sold..

The result you can see in the numbers. When you have the right preparation and team, you can get your home sold quickly and for the right amount.