Success Story #162

Well now this one will always be burnt in my memory of what not to say to a client! This family home was built from scratch with lots and lots of love. Wifey hand picked all the furniture in the home and artwork. She is very proud to call this house her home.  

Hubby wanted a new home, so bought land and started a new build for the next chapter of their lives.  Wifey made it very clear that she did not like the idea of selling this home, as it was her home and was not ready to let go.  So I joked and said there is a win/win scenario here that will make both of you happy. Divorce your husband, he gets the new home and you get to keep this one. Win/Win.

I am not saying that is what happened, but I am saying never offer that as a solution!!! This did hinder our sold on the first open home, streak we were on, as the 9 homes before this one all sold on the first viewing and this one took 3 months before an outcome was reached and the home was off the market.

This family knew they didn’t need a stylist as they already had impeccable taste they just needed a very good clean to bring it to a showroom finish and then do weekly cleans to make sure it stayed clean for each open home.   Team Swift were happy to loan out, just our cleaners for this project. So you don’t need the whole tribe, we are happy to just send a few to help you out.