Success Story #138

While Team Swift helps a seller prepare their home for sale and that is where we focus.  We got to this point by working for the buyers for the first half of our business journey. So we know what a renovator buyer is looking for and why they will drop the price in negotiations.

As a seller you need to understand that a home that is overdue for maintenance is going to be vulnerable on the market and it is going to attract a renovator. So you need to forget about what your neighbours nice new home sold for down the street and decide what you are prepared to sell the home for, dollar amount,  unrenovated. If you wanted to go through the investment of renovating what will the end range be, dollar amount. Is this something you prepared to do, as it will delay the sale, but will it be worth it?

This seller decided that they did not want to go through the up grade investment of a renovation get the home sold for the most amount.  

So the consulted with Team Swift and was able  to use our checklist to get the home ready for sale, knowing that they are going to attract a renovator buyer. They were prepared for the negotiation, and once the home was sold they gave the new homeowners our contact details for the after renovation clean up.

We are just lucky Brisbane is a small city and we spoke to the builder that renovated the home at the home show the month before. Because the buyer did renovate the bathrooms, and the home did get new paint on the walls, new fixtures etc and when the builder was nearly finished making a mess, they recommended Team Swift for the clean up. The new homeowner said to the builder: Hey, the seller, recommended that same company! They must be good!

So it all works out in the end. The home got its makeover and Team Swift was able to help the seller and the buyer.

Don’t want to renovate, and on a tight budget for sale, download our checklist and DIY