Success Story #124

Sometimes you just have to renovate a home. This buyer bought a bargain in the best street in the best neighbourhood. He now rents the home out to executives that have to travel to Brisbane for work.

While Team Swift prefers to work with sellers, we will work with the buyer too.  After all we know what buyers are looking for and we understand an investors mindset.   Where an emotional buyer will pass on an opportunity because the home needs too much work. An investor will drive down the sale price, so that he has more money to spend on the renovation.

So a home that is run down, and hasn’t been maintained over the years, will find a buyer. You just need to be happy with the buyer who doesn’t want to pay top dollar for the home, because it requires a lot of work before it is liveable.  

If a buyer wants to buy a project to renovate. Then we are happy to assist. While Team Swift doesn’t actually do any renovating ourselves we are more than happy to tidy up after the builder and get the home to move in state.

This investment consisted of 2 levels giving 2 separate homes. Each room has its own bathroom.  This meant 2 kitchens, 2 living areas, and 2 outdoor areas, 6 bedroom and 6 bathrooms. All brand new. Great for people who need somewhere to live while working away.

Sometimes cheap is not always the best, after another cleaning company had already been through the home 3 times and the builders removing the internal stairwell creating unnecessary amount of dust. The investor was very happy to see Team Swift. After a quick education on where the dust is hiding and when is the best time to clean,  they quickly agreed to a premium rate to get a quick result.

We were lucky the previous owner had our contact number, so we could help out on this project.