Builders Cleans

Cleaning a newly built home, has a different cleaning process, different chemicals, different cleaning equipment (or using cleaning equipment differently).  There are builder cleaners who have learnt the art of cleaning a new home. It takes longer, only because they need an eye for the detail. They need to be able to remove paint off windows without scratching the glass. They need to know where the dust has settled in the cabinetry.

An expert builder cleaner will insist on coming back the next day to surface wipe again, to remove 95% of the dust instead of only 80%. This makes a huge difference to the home.


  • Did you give your home a bit of a makeover?
  • New bathroom and/or Kitchen?
  • Or had some insurance work done?
  • Did the tradies leave their dust trail through the home?

Let us come in and make it livable again!  Our experts know where the dust is hiding. Let’s take care of the mess so that you have one less thing to do.

Why choose us?

We understand that your client visited a shinny display centre, and took home glossy catalogues to choose their fixtures from.

Nowhere in the fine print did it mention,

that there will be 60+ trades people on site installing all these items and once they are done there is going to be, dirt, dust and grime everywhere, along with silicone, wax, paint and stickers in places that you wouldn’t expect…

So let us become your best kept secret and give your sites the showroom finish your customers are expecting.

Are you a builder, that didn’t include a detailing service in your budget? That is okay. We prefer to deal with the homeowner direct anyway. So give us a call today, about our referral program. You and your client can both be smiling from the rewards.

Book an appointment with us!

  • 15 minutes on the phone can be done between 8-10 am Monday – Friday
  • 1 hour on site between 2-5pm  Monday – Friday

Our Guarantee

We have a defect free Guarantee

How we achieve this is by having owner operator and/or QBCC qualified senior team members, comprehensive training, systems and checklists.

We also offer 100% Satisfaction guarantees.

If for any reason you are unhappy with any of our services, we will return within 48 hours to repair at no extra cost.