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Glenn Waltson

When it comes to caring about your trees, we get Glenn in.  Why? It’s easy, Glenn has been looking after trees for 30+ years. This business was handed down to him by his dad. That means 2 generations of expertise.  So when Glenn looks at a tree, he can tell you how to save the […]

Alicia Fluhart

Alicia Fluhart is the Owner and Principal of Raine & Horne Carindale.   With her husband Mark, they are delighted to bring you their dynamic team of Sales Agents and Property Managers. Alicia’s love for the industry coupled with her enthusiasm and dedication are the driving force behind her team’s achievements in the local area. […]

Melanie Young

Melanie is a MindBodyologist™ and has been working within the health and wellness industry for over 30 years.  Her business Vivaciti (vi-vas-i-tee) meaning the quality or state of being vivacious, happy and energized, is what Melanie oozes herself, and assists people to create and maintain for their own lives. Melanie works one on one with […]

Osie Osborne

Osie Osborne  has more degrees than a thermometer, which makes him a good practical Business Coach.  With real world experiences of running his own online businesses, and Action Coaching training, Osie will give you practical advise on the do’s and don’t in the business world.  Also having a degree in finance helps in understanding the […]

Mike Clark

At Dent, we exist to provide business accelerators for entrepreneurs so they can stand out and scale up so they can use their businesses as instruments to help solve some of the world’s most meaningful problems! Over 3,000 clients have graduated from our world renowned business growth accelerator. We believe that many businesses are standing […]

Carpet Cleaning

Tired of dirty carpets? Get them seam cleaned. With many years of experience in state-of-the-art carpet cleaning, we are the go-to company in Brisbane to provide you with the greatest carpet cleaning service available. We have fully trained and licenced carpet cleaning team, that is all about  service Today, we know that our success as […]

Brisbane Tree Experts

There is gardening, there is landscaping and then there is caring for the trees on your property.   We don’t leave tree lopping up to just anyone. We get the expert’s in. Why? You can’t beat 30+ years of experience from a second generation business. Brisbane Tree Experts are a locally owned business that get the […]

Success Story 606

5 bed / 3 bath / 2 car Know your buyer and cash in when you sell Knowing the type of buyer you need to attract can save you time and money when you decide it’s time to sell my house. This was never more evident than with the sale of this stunning hilltop five-bedroom […]

Team Clean

Team Clean is a collaboration of cleaners who know how to get your home photo-ready clean. Within the team we have several specialty cleaners. Having 24 cleaners who are cross-trained and have specialty services available makes us a full-service unit. From leather cleaning, to steam cleaning carpets, to house washing, to new builds, to glass […]

Rachel Summer Osborne

Home Transformation Specialist I have been involved in the property market for 25 plus years. I am not a real estate agent, my sole focus is helping sellers get the most money when selling a house. Team Swift achieves fast results without renovation. In 2018 families that consulted with me had the following results: 1. […]

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